Work Package 3

Pilot boat demo

Work Package 3 mission is to demonstrate methanol as a fuel for use in a smaller marine application for a longer period during true operational conditions, along with demonstration of the first high-speed, compression ignited methanol engine (MD95), which will be installed in a pilot boat, to show methanol’s potential to combine excellent environmental performance with cost-savings, while taking benefit from methanol as a clean burning, liquid fuel.


  • To develop and demonstrate an efficient and safe design of a complete propulsion system using methanol as fuel for a smaller marine application considering the specific characteristics of methanol
  • To demonstrate the performance of a compression ignited alcohol engine in a smaller marine application and compare power output, efficiency, emissions, maintenance and service with a conventional marine diesel installation
  • To provide a method for how to execute a methanol conversion that can be utilized by following conversion projects
  • To lower the threshold for the market by demonstrating a ship that operates on methanol as a fuel.


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