FAST Track to Clean and
Carbon-Neutral WATERborne Transport through Gradual Introduction of
Methanol Fuel: Developing and Demonstrating an Evolutionary Pathway for
Methanol Technology and Take-up.


Methanol Webinar from November 5th, 2020

The Project

FASTWATER develops and demonstrates an evolutionary pathway for methanol technology in waterborne transport by pursuing the following objectives:

  • Demonstrate the overall feasibility under operational conditions, when our demo-cases test methanol in service
  • Develop and demonstrate universal, scalable retrofit kits for converting ships to methanol use for a wide power range (200 kW – 4 MW)
  • Develop the next generation of methanol-fuelled engines for further advances in efficiency, and further reductions in emissions and costs
  • Demonstrate the complete supply chain from renewable methanol producers to ship bunkering, including setting up bunkering procedures for safe and efficient bunkering
  • Work with regulatory agencies to develop rules & regulation for methanol as a fuel
  • Develop a training programme for crews, gain experience with the FASTWATER Demo-cases and formulate best practices for use beyond FASTWATER
  • Life cycle performance assessment to analyse investment costs, CO2 savings and pollutant reductions



Harbour tug


Pilot boat


River cruise ship


Coast guard vessel

Why we focus on Methanol

Suitable energy carriers and powertrains for waterborne transport must be:

Sustainable: ensure a closed cycle for the energy carrier and powertrain raw materials
Scalable: use abundantly available and (therefore) affordable resources
Storable: sufficiently compact, i.e. high energy and power density

The consortium

The FASTWATER consortium has a strong track record with methanol projects (particularly for waterborne transport) and includes shipyards, a ship owner, engine manufacturers, an equipment supplier, a classification society, a methanol producer, a major European port and research institutes.

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The project has received funding from the European’s Horizon 2020 research and innovation programme (Contract No.:860251)

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